MegaMix is a rhythm-based 2D platformer. Players can only perform actions on beats while fighting enemies and bosses in a steampunk fantasy world.

Here is the trailer of the game:

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and needs more votes to be published. Here is the LINK to the green light page.

My Roles in the team:

  • Designer: I work with other designers and team members on various aspects of the game, and I actively take responsibility to come up with ideas and maintain consistency of gameplay.
    • Game Mechanic Design
      • I designed the basic game mechanic of the game: moving and attacking on beat, and how the jump mechanic works.
      • I designed the details about movement, for example the exact amount of time window allowing inputs for each beat or input window allowing consecutive inputs within a beat.
      • I designed the AI behaviors for the enemies in the game.
    • Level Design: I designed most of the levels of the game.
    • Design Documentation: click HERE to view the document.
  • Technical Producer: I work with the engineers closely on anything coding related, and I also talk in producer meetings on their behalf.
    • I set up sprint goals with other producers in producer meetings, especially for the engineering side.
    • I distributed tasks for the engineers, made sure they know what they are doing and pushed for deliverables.
    • I communicate with team members on other branches of the team about technical requirements of other assets such as art and audio.
    • I translate design into technical terms to help the engineers better understand the design.
    • I gave suggestions on algorithms, code structure and helped with bug-finding.
    • I was the first layer of QA testing, everytime before we build the game and hand it to the rest of the team.
  • Engineer
    • I maintained and updated the level editor after engineer finished it.
      • I take in art assets from the artists, put them inside the level editor so that I can use them to make new levels.
      • I added a few very practical and useful features to the editor, such as: Delete rows and columns in the editor, read a level file and edit it and rename the level file before we export.
    • Worked on various features such as level selector, parallaxing, beat indicator, camera, character movement and input manager with other engineers.
  • Quality Assurance
    • I conducted tests on site with engineers or artists for any newly finished art assets or gameplay features and find bugs, provide feedbacks and possible solutions.
    • I conducted weekly tests for new features implemented for each week, documented bugs I found as well as how to recreate them.