This is the last experimental game I made, by the topic of “disturb the comforted and comfort the disturbed”.

Game Description

  • Name: Games of Vain
  • Core Gameplay: ????
  • Tech: Unity & C#
  • Time Taken: 10 hours

What Was My Goal

To “disturb the comforted and comfort the disturbed”, I thought of making a few classic games from the 70s and the 80s, and then change something fundamental about those games, to create the moment of simultaneous disturb and comfort when the player realize the game is absolutely pointless to play and feel challenged about their assumptions and knowledge of games.

How I Tried to Achieve It

I made two mini-games, Pongtless and Tetricks. For Pongtless, I made the dotted lines in the middle inpassable, thus impossible to win. For Tetricks, I completely removed the bounding box so the pieces wouldn’t stack at all, also making it futile to play.



What I Learned

I set out to create a feeling of slight disturbance and conflict by twisting and deconstructing something that is really well-known and constructed, and I think I am successful on delivering it. It would be even better if I have more games in this collection to convey the feeling of pointlessness.

Also, I think the “moments of realization” in both games are too soon. Maybe I can change the fundamental mechanic of the game to change to delay that, and that might magnify the feeling of the moment.

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