Level Design: Shapism

Shapism is a 2D platformer project for practicing traditional 2D platformer level design. It contains 5 levels including a tutorial level at the beginning and a “boss” level in the end.

Genre: 2D Platformer

Tech: C# & Unity

Mini-Mechanics: Walk & Run(Hold Shift), Double Jump

Design Focus:

  • Traditional 2D Platformer with moderate difficulty and heuristic:Not a crazy difficult and fast platformer like Super Meat Boy, nor a troll platformer like Cat Mario, but a traditional one.
  • Combinations of simple mechanics:Put different simple mechanics together to create dynamic and interesting game play.
  • “Modularity”: Drag-n-dropable prefabs of objects (spikes, spike emitters, moving platforms, collectibles etc.) Functioning prefabs make level design so much easier.
  • Color and shape language:Create noticable color and shape language. For example, circles are interactable, triangles are dangerous.

Download Link: Windows / macOS

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