Unity Extension – SceneSwitch

SceneSwitch is a small Unity Editor Extension I wrote for faster navigation between scenes. The extension intends to shorten the time used for switching between scenes in relatively bigger projects. I am putting the code on Github and hope this can speed up your workflow in your projects! Any bug report and comment is appreciated.


  1. Install the .unitypackage file from my Github. After installation, you should be able to see a new menu tab Utility/SceneSwitch. (Note: The extension is not designed to be opened by clicking the menu item but to use the shortcut.)
  2. To use SceneSwitch properly, you need to add all the scenes you want to switch between to the Build Settings and check the active boxes on the left.BuildSettings


The Input scheme is trying to mimic application switcher on Windows(Alt + Tab) or macOS( + ).

  1. To bring up the SceneSwtich pop-up window, hold Ctrl(Window) or (macOS) and press `.
  2. All the active scenes should show up in the pop-up window, with the currently active scene marked and the highlighted scene in bold font.
  3. Press ` repeatedly without letting go the modifier key (Ctrl(Window) or (macOS) until the highlighted scene is the scene you want to switch to.
  4. Release the modifier key and Unity will save the current scene, switch to the highlighted scene and the pop-up window should close automatically.


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