Experimental Games: Sloth

This is the third experimental game I made, by the topic of “Sloth“. Download and try it out! Link: Windows / MacOS

Game Description

  • Name: Bob is making an Experiment Game
  • Core Gameplay: Point and Click Adventure(??)
  • Tech: Unity / C#
  • Time Taken: 10 hours
  • Controls: Mouse Clicks and Keyboard Spamming

What Was My Goal

The topic of this experiment is “Sloth“, which could means laziness, tendency to procrastinate or reluctancy to make efforts.

My immediate though is to make a game that plays in a phone interface and the main gameplay would be inside some productivity apps such as to-do lists or calendars, but I failed to think of any solid game loop.

Then I thought, why not make a game about myself being slothful on making an experimental game?

How I Tried to Acheive My Goal

Most of the design came into place very fast after the main theme is settled. The goal would basically be finish making a game before a deadline while having all kinds of distraction during the way. For the gameplay I want it to be realistically but amusingly representing my actual process of gaming make and the sources of slothfulness in my life, so I decide to use photos of myself working in front of my desk in my room for the entire game.

The Game


The game starts at 8pm in game, and the goal is to finish making a game before 5am, which is my usual time of finishing a project.

In the game you can interact with different objects by clicking on them, for example you can drink coffee, eat bananas, or put on music.. The cursor changes when its hovered on an interactable object.

There are three parameters: Energy, Mood and Motivation. All three of them have strong impact on the efficiency of me working. Also, there are a few things I could be doing, and actually working is only one of them. All of the things I do affects the parameters . For example, eating bananas give a boost for energy, playing PS vita decreases energy but increases mood, and motivation increases automatically because the deadline is getting closer and closer(so real right).

When I am distracted, the play can change whatever I am doing by clicking on me. The change is random between a set of actions, be the chance is determined by the three parameters.

When I am actually working, the player need to spam on the keyboards as fast as he can to get progress. When the progress reaches 100 percent, the player wins. If he fails to do so before the timer turns to 5am, he lose the game.

What I Learned

Making a game about myself was fun. I also reflected on myself about how slothful I can be sometimes and I will change that in the future (or will I?).


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