Level Design: Evil Uprising

Evil Uprising is a Warcraft III map I made. It is the first level of a potential full campaign. This is the Level Design Document for this level. Click HERE to download the map.

Level Description

  • Name: Evil Uprising
  • Engine: Warcraft III World Editor
  • Time Taken: 10 hours

What Was My Goal

I always wanted be build a Warcraft III map since when I was a kid, and I decided to make one chapter of a single player campaign so that I can focus more on the narrative and cinematics insteading of thinking too much about AI or balancing between multiple players. Also I wanted to focus a lot on terrain design, which is a big deal in Warcraft III maps. Because I am more trying to train myself instead of creating a commercial product, I was inclined to make a level with a conventional feel of quests, dialogs, terrain and game flow. Since I decided to make only one chapter, it makes more sense to make the first chapter, which for narrative purpose, should provide a reason for the main character to set off on his epic adventure through the whole campaign.

The Level

So here is a few things I focused on in the level:

  • Full Cinematics & Dialogs

2017-02-18 01.46.38.gif

  • Triggered Events


  • Narrative Driven Main Quest
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Terrain Design




In general I am happy with the level. The difficulty is moderate and has a designed increase throughout the level. I am satisfied with the terrain, it looks decent and feels like it belongs to the Warcraft world. More importantly, I taught myself how to make cenematics and triggers for Warcraft III, and had a proper training of making terrains and writing stories. That’s why I feel this level has reach the goal that I set out to do.

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