Card Game Design: Havoc in Heaven

Havoc in Heavon is a 2-player asymmetric deck building card game based on the story of Monkey King. The idea was to make a card game that uses the deck building of game like Dominion but has more focus on the combat, similar to MOBA games.

The Game

For the detail of the game, see the complete rule book HERE.

The game turned out to be more complicated as imagined when I started, due to the nature of deck building card games. The game has 5 different types of cards and 3 types of tokens. It has the element of deck building while also has the positioning of cards that a lot of other card games have.

Here is some examples of the cards I made.

Hero Cards:hero

Skill Cards: skill3

Item Cards:item1

Building Cards:building

What I learned

I taught myself how to use InDesign to make a printing friendly document as well as make templates for cards and populate them through CSV files. Even though the formatting on the cards still doesn’t look that great, I am glad I learned the technics in such a short time and applied them and created them with only images from the internet.

I also reinforced my comprehension of card games design specially deck building games and I praticed on designing the numeral system in a card game. Since I didn’t plan to create a commercial product in the first place, even though I didn’t play test the game enough to balance the game, I consider this project to be a great and successful practice on card game design.

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